PriDerm Community Dermatology
PriDerm Community Dermatology

Our Team


Our medical team consists of six GPs with Special Interests (GPwSIs), two consultants and one Roaccutane nurse. 

GPwSI are General Practitioners who have further training and are accredited to provide specialist dermatological care.




Dr Victor D’Ambrogio, GPwSI in Dermatology

Dr Nitish Singh, GPwSI in Dermatology

Dr Melinda D’Ambrogio, GPwSI in Dermatology

Dr Kew Ling, GPwSI in Dermatology

Dr Jawad Ahmad, GPwSI in Dermatology

Dr Kashif Bhatti, GPwSI in Dermatology


Consultant Dermatologists:

Professor Andrew Wright

Dr Kate London


Our admin team is lead by Gillian Seed ,the service manager. Gillian is supported by a team of administrators and medical secretaries who are keen to provide the highest quality of care to patients and referring practices.

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